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We are truly grateful for all of the positive feedback we receive from our valued customers. Take a look at what they are saying about Zawinga...

Kim and Susan Egelseer, Owners/Innkeepers
Americus Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast
Six months after purchasing our historic Bed & Breakfast lodging establishment, our business website inexplicably disappeared from the World Wide Web. As the website accounted for 99% of our bookings, this was a significant event.

Upon learning of the situation, we immediately contacted our web host. They were unaware of the situation and initially disputed that our site was, in fact, "down". After a number of increasingly frustrating telephone conversations, wherein, we had to convince them that our site was in fact gone; they finally came to the realization that something was very wrong. Meanwhile, business was evaporating along with our website.

The web host finally and reluctantly admitted that a few of their hosted sites had been taken down, apparently by someone who gained access to the server. During the next week, it became painfully obvious that our web host lacked the technical knowledge to expedite the recovery of our web site. To add to the disaster, we learned that the web host had not saved any “back-ups” of the site, and although, we thought we had done this on our hard drive, we had mistakenly been saving on the server. Therefore, in order for the website to be re-established, we would have to literally spend hours and hours re-creating it from scratch.

It was at this point in our fiasco that we were referred to Rod Paulino and Zawinga as a reliable and competent company that could help us. Although, we still had to re-create our website, Rod was instrumental and invaluable in assisting us with this task and expediting our site’s return to the web. In doing so, he enhanced various security measures including placing our site behind a secure firewall, implementing SPAM/virus protection for our email accounts, and integrating a safe and reliable FTP system to upload our website files with confidence.

In the year that has passed since our website disaster, Rod and his team have been most helpful in assisting us with ongoing changes to our website, and advising us on other technical Internet matters that have resulted in increased business. Rod is markedly different than most industry “experts” in two significant ways. First, he doesn’t speak in computer jargon which most consultants use, if only to confuse and intimidate their clients. Rod uses easy to understand terms to explain the sometimes complicated concepts related to his field. Second, Rod believes in educating his clients to a higher level of understanding and ability, so as to better utilize his time to gain a more competitive advantage for the client.

We obviously cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Rod Paulino and Zawinga. We whole-heartedly endorse their knowledge, professionalism, and most of all, their attention to understanding and responding to our specific needs. You will be well served in choosing Zawinga for your web hosting, design, and IT consulting needs. 

Tobias Hanzl, President/General Manager
Sunrise Homes International, Inc.
What a great experience to work with Rod Paulino of Zawinga! Rod came up with a design for our corporate website that fits our business perfectly! All I had to do was to describe the general business idea, our target market and the overall feel the website should have, and Rod did the rest. His first design concept hit the mark 100%. The rest of the website project was just as smooth and quick, and Rod even gave me some ideas for the content of the site. I highly recommend Rod Paulino and Zawinga to anybody who is looking for an easy, no-hassle, smooth, creative and artistic website design that really takes your business needs into account.

Heike Shelton, Principal
Residence Redesigns
Rod's website designs are innovative, easy to navigate, and always relfect what the business is about. We know of no other website design and hosting service that is faster, friendlier, or more reliable. Implementation of the Residence Redesigns website, updates, and newsletter design and distribution have been a breeze, thanks to Rod's professional expertise. We recommend Zawinga to all business owners looking to execute online marketing campaigns.

Caren Lorelle and Susan Pluff
Innkeepers & owners of Inn Britannia, Searsport, ME
Inn Britannia's Inn Britannia completes its third year in business we are proud of the recognition we have received from many national travel-related publications. However, the bulk of our business consistently comes from our terrific internet presence, from the web-site that was created by and is maintained by Rod Paulino and his staff at Zawinga. We consistently receive so many compliments on our website when guests call to make a reservation and again on their arrival at the inn. Guests tell us that our inn stands out from the others. Because they are attracted to the website they are attracted to the inn; this results in more business for us.

Zawinga designed and maintains both our sites - InnBritannia and StayinMaine. We, the owners of these sites, always receive the best service, the best advice and ultimately, the best-looking websites, thanks to the knowledge and timely efforts of the professionals at Zawinga. Our business requires frequent changes to our website to reflect seasonal specials and updated photos – Zawinga is always there to make those changes; they are completed quickly and correctly with the most pleasant follow-up to ensure our satisfaction. We are fortunate to have such highly skilled and conscientious professionals working for us.

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